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We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Going to Use It

Posted in 1980s, british, fuzzbox, post-punk, synth, we've got a fuzzbox and we're going to use it on September 24, 2007 by Frankie Teardrop

We’ve Got a Fuzzbox and We’re Going to Use It formed in Birmingham in 1985 as an incredibly raw, all female post-punk act with a knack for outrageous dress and catchy hooks. Their initial style, a devil-may-care attitude fostered on punk rock fury and a dose of playful sexuality, initially caused a controversial buzz upon their debut.

After a double-a side single for the songs ‘XX Sex’ and ‘Rules and Regulations’ reached number 41 in the British charts, the band took to the studio and recorded their first full length record. Released in 1986, their self-titled record hit the charts, airwaves, and dance floors in England, but failed to make much of an impact outside of Europe, where their name was truncated simply to ‘Fuzzbox’ and the album retitled to Bostin’ Steve Austin.

Their second record, 1989’s Big Bang! featured a revamp of style and sound, the band trading in their punk rock ethics for a sound more in line with slick dance pop. Despite an attempt to adapt to the times, the band split almost immediately after the album’s release, and lead singer Vickie Perks would form Vix And The Kix after a failed solo effort.

After a few listens, I’m not too keen on their second record, so with that being the case, I’ve instead uploaded two of the singles from their debut record, Bostin’ Steve Austin for your consumption.

download Fuzzbox- ‘Love is the Slug’
download Fuzzbox- ‘Rules and Regulations’

The video for ‘Love is the Slug’ may very well be one of the most amusing, fun, and strange videos I’ve ever seen, so approach below with caution and perhaps a love for sheer wackiness.

Most of their output is seemingly out of print, but available on LP via various auction and second-hand sites. If you like it, seek it out!