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Bolero Lava- Inevitable 12” (+Bonus Materials)

Posted in 1980s, 1984, 1990s, bolero lava, canadian, new wave, phaedra, post-punk on June 26, 2009 by Frankie Teardrop

Here’s another generous donated post from Jeff/Uberbelly, who was involved in this particular band during their later incarnation. Otherwise, the band in question is Vancouver based Bolero Lava, who began life as an all-female post-punk band. Their sound reminds me personally of a cross between 4AD’s Colourbox and The Au Pairs, with both a soulful croon and a funky post-punk edge to them.

The original lineup of the band lasted through 1983-1988, releasing the Inevitable 12” in 1984. Original members Barbara Bernath and Laurel Thackeray departed in 1988, replaced briefly by Andy Graffiti and Linda McRae. Jeff Sawatsky (our gracious donator, also involved with Voice and Sarah McLachlan) and Sherri Leigh replaced Andy and Linda, and Mallory Temple was the final member of Bolero Lava’s lineup, replacing Leigh after her short stint. The band officially called it quits in 1991.

Uploaded below, we have three separate releases. Firstly, we have Bolero Lava’s original 12” record, released on Mo-Da-Mu records in 1984. The second 12” below was a one off-single recorded in by guitarist Phaedra Struss, featuring contributions by Adrian Sherwood, Jah Wobble, David Harrow, and Bolero Lava bandmate Vanessa Richards. Last but not least, we have a rather impressive stack of Bolero Lava demos, recorded between the years of 1988-1991, with the various lineup changes in tow.

For more information and images from the Inevitable 12”, check out the listing I just submitted. Otherwise, let’s get to the information, shall we?

Bolero Lava- Inevitable 12” (1984)
1. Inevitable
2. Click of the Clock

Phaedra- Jesus Lives in Vegas 12” (1990)
1. Jesus Lives in Vegas
2. Telephone Operator [Pete Shelley cover]

Bolero Lava- Demos
1. Swim to Me
2. A Road and a Car
3. Easy
4. My Old Friend
5. News For You
6. Prey
7. Protection

*download it here*

Otherwise, thanks again to Jeff for the fantastic rips, photos, scans, and donations! For more information on the band and some previewed tracks, click below for their Myspace page.

Bolero Lava on Myspace